Fishery Rules


1st Mar-31st Oct Fishing From 7am until 9pm or Dusk, whichever is the earliest

1st Nov-28th Feb Fishing From 8am until Dusk

  • The use of keep nets is prohibited

  • Barbless hooks only

  • No braid of any kind, No spodding, No boilies

  • No bait boats

  • Maximum of 2 rods per person

  • All tackle must be drawn from the water if unattended

  • Please be considerate when using buzzers; turn the sound down as noise travels

  • No dogs are allowed in or around the lake

  • Strictly no night fishing

  • Please dispose of all litter i.e. cans, bottles, cigarette butts in the bins provided do not leave around or throw into the lake.

  • Discarded line and hooks also in the bins provided or take them home

  • Unused bait to be put in the bin or to be taken home NOT dumped in or by the lake

  • No swimming, fires or radios

  • Please treat the fish with respect.

  • DO NOT throw or drop the fish back into the water

Fishery Prices

  • Day Fishing £8.00 From 7am to 9pm/Dusk

  • On-Site Fishing £7.00 From 7am to 9pm/Dusk

  • Day & On-site After 4pm £5.00 To 9pm/Dusk